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Jun. 23rd, 2016 12:25 pm
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Shinji Ikari
Ugh. Gross.
Kirie Konami
Hmph. Whatever.
Hajime Ichinose
Tch. Weirdo.
Sakamichi Onoda
Ha! Loser.

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Nov. 3rd, 2015 01:12 pm
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Inbox for
Asuka Langley Soryu
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Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Are you over 17?: By a long shot
Characters in Forest Covered: Shoukichi “Red” Naruko (Yowamushi Pedal), Chiyo “Shiro” Sakura (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun), Shizuo “Nodoka” Heiwajima (Durarara!!), Kurapika “Kusari” (Hunter x Hunter)


Name/Work Name: Asuka Langley Soryu/Zweite
Canon: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Canon Point: Right after her death in End of Evangelion
AU/CRAU: Soul Campaign CRAU
Age: 15
History: Wiki link!
Personality: There is nothing simple or easily understandable about Asuka as a person. Her history has led to her having complicated emotional and mental problems - and the fact that she’s only fourteen years old certainly doesn’t make that any better.

Firstly, Asuka is a hot-headed German. Her emotions are always in high gear, and almost always turned towards the anger side of the spectrum. Even if she’s happy, she tends to act angry, almost as a sort of defense mechanism. She finds it easier to greet everyone with the prickly exterior because it keeps people from getting too close to her and hurting her, like she’s been hurt before.

Speaking of defense mechanisms, Asuka’s entire existence is based around the defenses she’s set up around herself. She is adamant about being able to take care of herself, claiming she needs help from no one. From a very young age, she has promised herself that she will never cry, because that is a weakness and she is not a weak person. She is desperate to prove herself as worthy of attention, but keeps people at a distance purposely. While she hates to rely on other people, she also a very dependant person, loving to hear praise when she knows she’s done her best and growing lonely very easily.

Asuka can easily back up her decision to be self-sufficient on an intellectual level, though. She is extraordinarily smart (even if she doesn’t act like it sometimes because she’s so immature) and has already received a college degree even at her tender age. Put simply, Asuka is a genius. She understands maths and sciences at a level that most people never reach in their lives, and this simply further emphasizes her social awkwardness. She believes that she is deserving of being treated like an adult because of her intelligence, but she still has child-like thought processes and tantrums and so has a hard time receiving the treatment she feels is due to her.

As someone who prides herself on being the best at what she does and being able to take care of herself, failure is something that affects Asuka on a very deep level. Every small failure sends her spiraling into self-doubt, which of course only leads to more failure and more self-doubt. It’s a vicious cycle and she has no way to pull herself out of it. But because she is so distant from even the people she wants to be close to, it’s very difficult for anyone to help her out of it either. So it is best for everyone involved if Asuka succeeds in whatever she tries. Because with success, she gains confidence, and is always pushing to better herself and meet her own high demands over and over again, always moving forward.

While pride is a very large part of Asuka’s personality, towards the end of the series her pride has started to wane quite a bit. After having initially thinking herself the best Eva pilot in the world, her pride takes hits continuously throughout the series, namely because Shinji is so much better at synching with his Evangelion. But as the series progresses, Asuka comes to rely less and less on her own prideful nature. And while some of this is very detrimental to her, it’s also a way in which she slowly becomes the tiniest bit more open with the people around her.

Asuka’s emotional trauma is exceedingly deep, though. So deep, in fact, that she tried to take her own life shortly before the end of the series and wound up in a coma from it. NERV was attacked while she was unconscious and she placed in her Eva Unit in order to keep her safe. Waking up there, she realized what was happening and had a revelation about what the Eva Unit really was. This snapped her out of her mental duress and she decided to take on the fight herself, easily taking down multiple opponents. Unfortunately, her battery ran out and her enemies were able to regenerate themselves, but she went down fighting and used the very last of her strength in an attempt to keep killing them.

This event is very important to how Asuka is right now. She was in the middle of being literally torn apart by the Mass Produced Evangelions and was filled with nothing but rage and a desire to take down her enemies. She is certainly ticked off at all of the people involved in her death (because she knows she must have died there), but especially Shinji, who she feels should have saved her.

Now, there are a couple more important facets of Asuka’s personality to note. The first is that she is not completely volatile to every person that she meets. In particular, she has a tendency to enjoy the company of people who are her exact opposite - people who are confident in themselves, have an ability to seize control of a situation, and don’t let their emotions rule them. These are all qualities that she tries to emulate herself, though she doesn’t alway succeed. Specifically, Kaji (the man she has a crush on) and Hikari (the class representative who is her best friend) exhibit these qualities. Lastly, Asuka hates dolls - for a very good reason. Her mother, after losing her mind, mistook one of Asuka’s dolls for her daughter and wound up killing herself, taking the doll along with her as “Asuka”. With that in mind, Asuka also despises people who can be qualified as ‘dolls’ themselves - for example, she hates Rei, who seems to have abandoned all pretense of emotion and lets herself be controlled by other people, like a puppet.

So, to a casual observer, it might seem that Asuka has no redeeming qualities, but she is really just a scared little girl trying to be a grown-up in a world that keeps turning against her. She has built up a wall around herself to keep out all of the bad things that want to hurt her and she has no intention of bringing it down, no matter how much it destroys her to keep it up all the time.
Debt: Asuka has been convinced that the Witch can give her another chance at life. That is what she is hoping for, and not some temporary bullshit like what she had at Soul Campaign.

Previous Game Info: In Soul Campaign, Asuka was a Weapon in the war against the Witches. She spent a good amount of time in Death City and was able to come to terms with the fact that she had died and this was the only way she would be able to keep living. She grew close with Shinji and Kaworu, though she never stopped picking on Shinji and never fully trusted Kaworu. At the same time, though, she realized that she had gross nasty feelings for both of them and she has NEVER been okay with that.

After months in Death City, Asuka suddenly found herself dragged back home, to find herself being ripped apart again, only to wind up on Koriko very randomly! She was stuck on the island for the Fourth Wall event and made some enemies in the process, good job her. But after the weekend, she was sent back home, died, and was at peace. Until the Witch approached her again...

Inventory: Asuka was wearing her plug suit with her nerve nodes in her hair holding it back. She would have had nothing else with her, aside from… you know… her Eva.

Abilities: Asuka is extremely intelligent, though she’ll have lost her actual degree seeing as it’s a different world entirely. She is physically skilled, and has a mind for tactics, as well as an iron-clad will and stubbornness when it comes to winning a fight.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+Hyper intelligent
+Physically fit and strong
+Great at tactics
+Absolutely beautiful



Characterization Sample: Asuka at the Fourth Wall event which will be seen as canon for the game. >u<b


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